PowerPoint Slideshow on Multi-monitor

PowerPoint slideshow on Multi-monitor is a handy tools that help you to display PowerPoint presentation slideshow on multi-monitor.

Advanced Features of PowerPoint Slideshow on Multi Monitors

PowerPoint Slideshow on Multi-monitor support displaying PPT,PPTS,PPTX,PPSX presentations slideshow if you has installed MS PowerPoint 2003,2007 or 2010. or MS PowerPoint Viewer 97,2003,2007 or 2010.

You can prepare a play file list, and then play the slideshow one by one.

You can play one slideshow in play file list at any time.

You can run mulit instance of this application at the same time, then display PowerPoint Slideshow at different Monitoers at the same time..

The supported number of slideshows and the number of monitors is only limited by the system resources.

PowerPoint Slideshow on multi-monitor can be run in Windows XP,2003,VISTA, 7, both 32 or 64bit.

How to display PowerPoint Presentation slideshow on second monitor?


Setup the monitor number you wang to display slideshow. if you want to display on the second monitor, you can setup the monitor number to 2.

Step 2:

Click the button to select the powerpoint slideshow exe name installed in your system. If you want to use PowerPoint Viewer to display the slideshow, the exe name should be PPTVIEW.EXE or pptview.exe. If you want to use PowerPoint to display the slideshow, the exe name should be POWERPNT.EXE.

Step 3

Click button to add powerpoint presentation files into play file list.

setp 4

Click "Play All" button to display slideshow to second monitor.

I have no MS PowerPoint installed, where can I get PowerPoint viewer?

you can get MS PowerPoint Viewer 2010 from here.

You can get MS PowerPoint Viewer 2007 from here.



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