ApinSoft Files Thumbnail Extracter (latest version:2.15)

Windows Explorer is able to display files and folders using various methods. One of these methods uses thumbnails. Windows Explorer can extract thumbnails from images, Pdfs, some videos and some Microsoft Office files.

ApinSoft Files Thumbnail Extracter is a handy tool that will help you batch extract these files shumbnails and save to local hard disk. So that you can use these images for other purpose later.

Advance features

Directly extract file thumbnail without open the file. So, the speed is very fast.

Can export many common image format: such as BMP,JPG, JPEG, TNG, GIF.

you can setup image size from 52 to 256 pixels depend on what your need.

you can export multiple file thumbnails at one time

How to use

Setup 1: Mouse Click add file or add add folder butoon in tool bar. add files you want to extract thumbnails to file list.

Setup 2: Mouse select file in file list. you will see its thumbnail in the right top. if you change file the thumbnail will also change.

Setup 3 Optional: you can choose image type you want to extract. such as bmp, jpg, jpeg,tif, png etc.

Setup 4 Optional: you can change the image size you want to extract from 52 to 256 pixels

Setup 5 Mouse click button to select folder you want export images.

setup 6 Mouse click "Open destination folder" button, you can see the thumbnail image files have been generated in it.

How can I get the PDF file thumbnail

If you instaledl Adobe reader or Adobe Acrobat, you can extract  PDF file thumbnail image.

How can I get the PPT or PPTX file thumbnail

If you installed Microsoft PowerPoint, you can extract  PPT and PPTX file thumbnail image.

How can I get the mpg, avi file thumbnail

If you installed Microsoft Media Plater, you can extract mog, avi or other video file thumbnail image.

How can I get the latest version

You are welcom to send me useful suggestions, I will seriously consider it and try to update it.

Please often visit my website to see if there is a new version on it. If yes, please download it and install.

What is the license of this product

You can use ApinSoft Files Thumbnail Extracter in any purpose. but everyone want to use this product must get it from my web site. It mean you cannot distribute to any other person without my permission. But you can recommand anyone to go to my website to download it and use it.







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